Four short novels by Ed Brodow

Women From Venus  •  The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind
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Women From Venus
Four Short Novels

Women From Venus - A collection of four short novels by Ed BrodowWomen From Venus by Ed Brodow
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Women From Venus, a collection of four short novels by Ed Brodow, was awarded the 2012 Wolterding Prize for Fiction.

Women From Venus
Psychologist Robert Elgar's career as a debunker of alien abductions is taking off with a highly publicized appearance on the Charlie Rose TV interview show. The universe plays a colossal trick on Elgar as he meets and falls in love with Arabella Sedgwick, a beautiful, sophisticated Englishwoman who turns out to be an abductee. Dr. John Swanson of Harvard, a supporter of alien abductions and Elgar's nemesis, convinces Arabella to charge Elgar with rape while under hypnosis. Suddenly Elgar's life is in crisis. Arabella retains a high-profile Los Angeles attorney, Elgar is arrested and placed on trial, the press has a field day with the story, and all seems lost in this psychological thriller.

The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind
Clifford Day Vanderwall, a Wasp who attended Princeton and The Wharton School, has a trust fund, a nifty job at IBM, and a spacious apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side. What's wrong with this picture? Clifford cannot make decisions. At a society mixer, he meets fortune hunter Shirley Horner. They are perfectly matched: Clifford is a born victim and Shirley is a born predator. After manipulating Clifford into marriage, Shirley quits her job and begins an affair with a rich Portuguese playboy. Lacking the ability to make up his mind, Clifford appears to be doomed in this outrageous satire about love among New York's upper crust.

The Stamp
The year is 1975 and time is marching on but Tommy Courten is stuck in the past. He is unable to escape the violence he experienced as a US Marine in Vietnam. Suddenly Tommy's life is thrown into chaos when his baby sister is murdered and the prime suspect escapes to a South American jungle. Refusing to accept the failure of the police and the FBI, Tommy embarks on a lone manhunt to bring the psychopathic killer to justice. He tracks the man to a remote area of Colombia that is controlled by the drug mafia and indigenous tribal people. When he and the killer finally come face-to-face, Tommy is shocked by what he discovers about his own true nature and the path to personal redemption. Based on a sensational 2007 murder case.

I'll Take Manhattan
The modern-day descendants of the Lenape Indians have proof that their tribe is the rightful owner of Manhattan Island and they want it back. As government and private business interests attempt to block the tribe's pursuit of justice, Melvin Van Zipper, a lawyer with an abysmal track record and tragically low self-esteem, is manipulated into representing the tribe. After a brilliant defense of the Lenape in a criminal court case, Melvin falls in love with the tribe's beautiful spokeswoman, loses a series of appeals in Federal Court, and goes on a self-reproachful drunken binge. Desperately hoping to redeem himself with the love of his life, Melvin risks everything on a final appeal to the Supreme Court in this delightful legal comedy.

Reviews of Women From Venus

Awarded 5 stars on Readers Favorite"Brodow has a way of drawing the reader into his fiction world without any chance of release until the very last page is reached. His novels are fascinating, suspenseful, and I highly recommend anything that the author has written. His books are the perfect solution for a winter weekend in front of the fire!" (Five Stars)
Readers Favorite/Brenda Ballard

"Good reads told with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and crafted with an appealing voice. Fast-paced, [The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind] is the strongest of Brodow's stories, one that leaves the reader cheering for the protagonist."
BlueInk Review

"Ed Brodow has written a crisp, intense story [The Stamp]. This is exceptionally well written and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it."
Allbooks Review/Elaine Fuhr

"Ed had a lot to live up to after I read Fixer and loved it! He did not disappoint with these four short stories. In fact, I didnít want the stories to end, I wanted them to continue! The stories twist and turn in the end and what you think is going to happen or should happen, doesnít. My favorite was I'll Take Manhattan."
Storeybook Reviews

"Decisions we make may change our lives irrevocably. Women from Venus is a collection of short fiction from Ed Brodow as he presents many stories of people with serious decisions ahead of them and the aftermath of facing such realities. Women from Venus explores many intriguing ideas and is much recommended reading."
Midwest Book Review/Susan Bethany

"An amalgamation of off-beat stories reading like one-act Broadway plays. It's as if Brodow said/wrote out loud '...what would happen if...?' and then takes us on a roller-coaster ride of the most unlikely possibilities you could ever imagine. The stories are often absolutely hilarious and equally pretty damn intense and page-turning exciting."
Cara Wilson Granat, author of Love Otto: The Legacy of Anne Frank

"If you are looking for something to read that is off the wall from the plethora of novels that fill the bookshelves, this book from Ed Brodow should go a long way in filling the bill. The stories are all interesting and well constructed and the characters are well developed."
J. Guild, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

"The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind weaves a very human tale which is both poignant and engaging. The opening is absolutely captivating. A worthwhile read for those enjoying contemporary fiction."
Allbooks Review/Terence Ward


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