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Fixer reviewed by Mona Lisa Safai for TCM Reviews

In the early 1900s, New York City politics was ruled by the political machine and rarely apologized to the little people. The novel, Fixer is a fast-paced tale about one man, Harry Leonnoff who battles throughout his life, beginning with polio, beating his way out of the Lower East Side, and discovering a way to champion for immigrants, the underclass, and minorities in the Big Apple.

Through his adventures, he works his way as a law clerk, with no formal education, as one of the sharpest politicians in the city. He confronts the thugs and bigots, and saves many who would have fallen through the criminal justice cracks if he had not intervened in his own way. Nicknamed Robin Hood, Harry continues to assist the disadvantaged when they could not help themselves against the political machine or criminal justice system.

After the Great Depression, a vengeful mayor, Fiorello La Guardia challenges Leonnoff's sense of honor. He forces his hand and insults his reputation and integrity. He forces Harry to make a decision between his career and his integrity.

Ed Brodow writes
Fixer with ease and enthusiasm for his character. Harry Leonnoff is a character that readers easily want to know and care about. He has finesse for storytelling and engages readers with his eye for descriptive details. The combination of drama and humor accentuate his fiction piece creating an enticing story.

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