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Fixer - A Novel by Ed Brodow "A passionate, tough and colorful story fascinating!"
        - Iris Rainer Dart, author of Beaches

"A modern classic. Not since Edna Ferber's great novels and Betty Smith's 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' have I read a novel that is so lifelike, powerful and riveting. A fascinating read."
        - Susanna Hutcheson, award-winning journalist
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"This story really grabbed me and kept me entranced with the characters and how they overcame adversity. I definitely recommend this book and give it 2 thumbs up!"
        - Storeybook Reviews
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"Brodow's novel takes the reader through every emotion imaginable as we admire, love, pity and sympathise with the main character Harry Leonnoff. The book progresses cleverly and swiftly as the characters develop and their own individual stories come together in a wonderful climax. Brodow is a natural storyteller. Up there with the best of them!"
        - Ken Scott, author of Jack of Hearts
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"A lively, compelling novel with a good plot. One of the impressive aspects is the deft construction of scenes replete with provocative and fascinating dialogue. Wonderful shifting of perspectives and the manipulation of language and logic at every turn. A very good novel."
        - Writer's Digest

"Readers who enjoy brisk biographical fiction with strong characters will appreciate Fixer."
        - Nanette Donohue for Historical Novel Society
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"This is an amazing tale that grabs you like Mitch Albom's 'Tuesdays with Morrie'. I started reading and the next thing I knew I finished it in one sitting, letting the phone ring unanswered several times! A great read!"
        - Michael A. Newman on Amazon

"I will let you discover the ins and outs of this excellent tale of success by hard work and a driven attitude. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to do it justice."
        - Andrew Ian Dodge in Blogger News Network
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"This book is a very fine read, one that will keep the reader glued to the page through an airplane ride! Extraordinarily interesting characters that are well drawn. The novel is never less than fascinating reading. Ed Brodow is a born storyteller."
        - Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 reviewer
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"The book is littered with colorful, and very memorable characters, and I fell in love with the story. I'm typically not interested in political books, political settings or political drama but Mr. Brodow wrote an amazing book."

"An extraordinary book, and one you won't be able to put down."
        - C.L. Rossman at Armchair Interviews
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"An ideal example of effective precise prose depicting a character that is both compassionate and at times crazed. It is also a novel that tells more about a political era and the people that populated it than many non-fiction social history texts. It will surely live on in our imaginations long after the book is put to bed."
        - Norm Goldman at
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"This is storytelling at its best: great setting, fascinating historical perspectives, colorful characters that I can care about, and story elements that are both exciting and emotionally moving. Some of it is pure poetry. Fixer should be on everyone's list of must-reads."
        - B. Wishner on
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"Breathtaking! A powerful story and a real page-turner. Harry Leonnoff is an unforgettable character."
        - Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room

"What a storyteller we have with Ed Brodow in this perceptive novel about life in New York and Brooklyn."
        - J. Guild, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer
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"The author uses his words like an artist uses paint on canvas. This book leaves a great visual and colorful impact on the reader. The story is energetic, fast paced and filled with great human interest, overall a fascinating read."
        - Erika Borsos, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer
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"It has been a long time since I read anything that combines a "hot" story with characters that are this believable."
        - T. Androus on
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"Fixer is a terrific story. I could not put it down. Brodow does for Jews what Mario Puzo did for Italians. My prediction is that Fixer will become a classic."
        - Cara Wilson, author of Dear Otto: Letters from Otto Frank
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"The story was always catching me off-guard, was never formulaic, and was made even richer by its in-depth historical perspective. If you like a beautifully told story with characters that will jump off the page at you, Fixer is your best bet in a long time."
        - Ann Mahony on
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"Harry Leonnoff is a character that readers easily want to know and care about. Brodow has finesse for storytelling and engages readers with his eye for descriptive details. The combination of drama and humor accentuate his fiction piece creating an enticing story."
        - Mona Lisa Safai for TCM Reviews
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"This first novel by Ed Brodow is really a fascinating read, both in terms of action and NYC political history. I recommend it."
        - S. Peek, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer
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"The author is gifted with the ability to draw the readers in. Much history is in this story, something that New Yorkers will enjoy. The 1930's was a decade of significance in the city and the book does an excellent job portraying the life of the people who were there. This is a fantastic read."
        - Brenda Ballard for Readers Favorite

"A modern day, pistol-packing, civil servant, Robin Hood type ... fascinating."
        - jkayesbookblog
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"Brodow weaves an amazing story around the intricacies of New York City politics and what it meant to be an immigrant at the beginning of the Twentieth Century."
        - Ivy Naistadt on
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"A fascinating story. The novel is full of detail and spice. Fixer's finish is as moving as it is surprising and it left me wanting to re-read the whole book from the beginning."
        - C. Wilson on
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"The attention to detail, descriptive language, and down-to-earth style brings the reader into the story, rooting for Leonnoff's side throughout."
        - Sara Marcus for Front Street Reviews
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