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Fixer - A Novel by Ed Brodow Harry Leonnoff
Fearless master of political influence, he is anathema to gangsters, bigots, and bureaucrats. His mission in life is to help immigrants and the poor. But his 25-year conflict with Mayor Fiorello La Guardia reaches a crisis that challenges Harry's very existence.

Dorsey Hogan
Bigoted rabble-rouser stirs up the crowds against Jews, but the system can't protect him from the wrath of Harry Leonnoff.

Fiorello La Guardia
The vindictive mayor of New York City, he doesn't like losing out to Harry Leonnoff over his election redistricting campaign and swears he will get even.

Rose Leonnoff
Harry's wife, transformed from a sexy showgirl into an overweight matron whose incessant nagging drives Harry into the arms of Marie DeSante.

Marie DeSante
The beautiful New Orleans call girl who falls in love with Harry. Her attempt to go straight is threatened by Rick Duvalier, a vicious hoodlum and former client.

Willie Malakow (Curly Murphy)
Harry's gangster brother-in-law, indoctrinated into a life of killing in the First World War. In the hair-raising climax, the lives of Harry, Willie, and Fiorello converge in a triangle of death and betrayal.

John McCooey
The powerful Brooklyn Democratic boss, he becomes Harry's friend and political mentor.

Andrew Craig
Kindly medical man who teaches Harry that no matter how bad things get, "The Lord will provide."

Olive Sande
New Orleans madam who wishes that Harry Leonnoff had never shown up at her door.

Tom McArdle
Harvard-trained attorney who learns a surprise lesson when he tries a case against Harry Leonnoff.

Ira and Adele Fruchtman
Courageous German Jewish couple who graduate from brutal Gestapo torture to more subtle but equally painful torture by the U.S. State Department.

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